Lady Monster presents "The Cans" a Burlesque Film Event

at The Center for Sex and Culture
Thursday, May 25th, 7:30-10:30pm (Doors Open at 7)

$15.00 General Seating $30.00 VIP
(includes a front row seat, a photo with the performers, a poster and more)

“The Cans” Film Selections curated by
Laure McElroy and Lady Monster

in conjunction with the San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival

Tipping Point
Director/Writer: Stephanie Young
Producer: Jake Ivany
A burlesque show offers an unexpected opportunity for a shy protagonist to connect with a long-time crush, aided by their outgoing boss.
7:10 / 2016 / Canada

Director/Writer: Benjamin Ramírez Pérez
Writer: Liad Hussein Kantorowicz
Reenactments of cinematic strategies, images and fantasies tied to sex work and stage presence are layered on top of each other in a female drag performance, referencing 1970s cinema, sexwork-activism and pop choreography.
7:50 / 2017 / Germany

Amy Oden
Dotted with palm trees and coral reefs, Guam is a United States territory where military men and Japanese tourists abound. A seemingly perfect backdrop for a strip club, the island should sound ideal to any girl coming from Portland, Atlanta, or Anchorage to work as an exotic dancer. But is it? Exotic takes us into the lives of the dancers on Guam, giving the viewer a front row seat to this fluid and secretive world. Don’t miss this rare documentary, a “Best of the Fest” selection.
1:03 / 2016 /US

MC Lady Monster introduces Performances by:

Max Madame
Jet Noir
The Incredible Edible Akynos

(Break for VIP photos, intermission)

Films introduced by MC Lady Monster

20th Century Stripper Sinema (Vintage Strippers)
Scarlot Harlot
Scarlot edited a compilation of burlesque clips from various sources including favorite scenes from Gypsy and grindhouse burlesque from the 40s through the 60s from Something Weird Video.
28:00 / 1995 / US

Stripper Damage
Gina Gold
A woman tells her therapist she has no stripper damage but can not explain the strange things she sees. As seen on “The Gina Gold Show.”
9:00 / 2013 / Oakland