May 21st, Sunday, 3-5pm

The New Parkway Theater, 474 24th St, Oakland, CA
At Door, Sliding scale $10 and up / NOTAFLOF

The proceeds of this viewing will go to Whores' Bath.

Prepare to be moved, informed and inspired by the fiercely devastating femmes, queens, queers, trans, cis, youth, elders, and more from far reaches of the world and right here at home, sharing their intimate lives and bright magic with us on the big screen. Magic in Queer Shorts is a varied collection of personal, intersectional and controversial portraits of the divergent experiences of being a sex wo

Be My First
Philippe McKie
In this well produced narrative a young Japanese girl riding the train posts a message from her phone to an online thread: "I'm a high-school student and I'm a virgin, does anyone want to pay to be my first? It has to be tonight." Based on real events taking place in Tokyo, this film is an erotic drama inspired by the 'pink cinema' of Japan. It is also an exploration of sex work and fetishization in contemporary Japanese society. 
10:53 / 2017 / Japan 

The Day I Grew Up

Director/Writer: Scott Boswell 
Producer: Cheryl Simas Valenzuela
Scott Boswell is a San Francisco-based filmmaker and professor of filmmaking who has completed numerous shorts and an award-winning feature film. In this coming-of-age short, undocumented teen Adrian takes matters into his own hands when his predatory uncle resurfaces after a decade of absence. Fearing for the safety of his vulnerable young brother, Adrian sneaks away with him to the city where the two boys attempt to make it on their own. 
21:23 / 2015 / San Francisco

The Wonderful Affair
Tahir Ün
Harika is a child of Kurdish refugees, whose family fled from Siirt to Manisa at the end of 1980’s. He is a self-described transsexual, female in spirit if not in body, since early childhood. He has lived in Izmir since 2000 and makes a living by prostutition. This short work is a multiple media project realised by Harika (whose name literally translates as “wonderful”). He poses for director Tahir Ün’s camera with all his self-confidence, sweeping even the most difficult audiences from narrow-minded homophobia to a nonjudgemental admiration of his courage and grace. 
5:00 / 2016 / Turkey

Sherisse Mohammed
A compelling conversation with Canada’s “first known” transgendered stand up comic. Shot in Toronto in 2015, in a corner of her now legendary diner, Toronto business owner, performer, sex worker and trans-activist Mandy Goodhandy (a.k.a. Amanda Taylor) tells the story of her internal struggle and intriguing transformation in this uncensored, intimate and revealing portrait. This tour de force presents negotiating, consent and agency - even self actualization - in sex work. As a visible minority female filmmaker with a background in sociology, and a poly-cultural, inter-faith perspective, Mohamme's work endeavors to document, spotlight and amplify underrepresented, unjustly underexplored communities and misunderstood, socially relevant, courageous characters. 
13:53 / 2016 / Canada

Love Me Want Me Rent Me: The Politics of Sex
Jake Jaxson
Created after the raid, this is an important and profound profile of a New York escort. "I share this today because I, like many, was shocked and confused by this week’s raid and take down of by the federal government via the Department of Homeland Security. They arrested, from their homes, its CEO and seven of their current and past employees - many of whom are friends of mine. I know them as hardworking and tireless advocates for sex positive education. I was angered and dismayed when prosecutors described them as conspirators of an 'international criminal organization.'" 
5:58 / 2015 / New York

Lucid Noon, Sunset Blush 
Alli Lowe
"17-year-old bb gay Micha has just moved into The Palace - a basement full of queer femme sex workers, lovers and misfits. They are beautiful, carefree and as young as the night."
"Lucid Moon Sunset Blush takes place in the thick of Texas, focusing on the effects of small towns on queers and the shifts that take place when they move to larger cities. Houses, collectives, squats, punkish houses and informal structures become spaces of growth and care that our families, towns, and schools couldn’t extend to us." 
- Genesis Martinez-Crespo / The Spark Mag
32:12 / 2015 / Texas

May 22, Monday, 7:30pm
 Artists' Television Access, 992 Valencia, San Francisco, CA
Tickets: At Door, Sliding scale $7 and up / NOTAFLOF
Tickets available at the door and online in May:
Festival Sponsored by: Sisters of Perpetual IndulgenceRainbow GroceryGood VibrationsMedia-AllianceEast Bay,DesireeAlliance.orgSex Workers Outreach Project USA (SWOP-USA)

 Sex Worker Movies at ATA: Gifts of Love and Freedom

For the sex workers portrayed in all of these selections of films that are beautiful and brutal by turns, something is always gained, an intangible thing that lasts longer than the material gain we workers seek. Gifts of bitter memory, sweet gifts of vengeance, gifts of devotion after death and gifts of self, regained. Highlights include local filmmaker Matt Reaves, Devil In Plain Site which deconstructs both the crime drama genre and the whore stereotypes; Blossom in Midnight in which the protagonist finds an unlikely salvation; and EKAJ, a must-see, 'best of the fest' drama which uniquely respects folks who survive in the underground, those who are most often vilified.

Aaron Lehmann
This short is from Southampton, New York. Southampton is a playground for the rich, where people like Calvin Klein own vacation houses. This is the story of a local sex worker and how a mentally challenged boy brings her the gift of a found object, a gift which leads her to remember confront an abuser from her past.

Devil in Plain Sight
Matt Reaves
This piece of short fiction, created by a local artist, plays with time and with assumptions and stereotypes (some of which lead to real life oppressive laws!) about the nature of relationships between sex workers and the people in their lives. 
17:30 / 2017 / US

Leaving Charlie
Amanda Brooke Avery
This short explores how personal the decision to stop doing sex work is, how nuanced and complicated. There is hardly any discussion on the part of the main character but it is clear they are at a crossroads, not because of any social or moral or even economic pressures, but because the work starts to take too much... so a boundary has to be drawn. 
16:00 / 2016 / US

Blossom In Midnight
Jing BAI
A woman in struggle’s fate can sometimes lead to magic. Satsuki migrates from her rural home, leaving behind an aged mother and an ailing daughter to seek work in the cruel city of Beijing. Homeless, jobless and on the brink of despair, Satsuki finds an unlikely salvation which leads to a renewed sense of hope and self. 
19:15 / 2015 / China

Cati and Mike Gonzalez 
A love story between two drifters, a naive teenager and a hustler. The film captures a runaway journey to New York City. Ekaj meets Mecca who takes him under his care. Mecca has AIDS and multiple problems of his own. He is high all day but still manages to be the only voice of reason in Ekaj’s hopeless world. Their relationship develops into true friendship and love as they lean on each other for survival. 
1:20 / 2015 / US

May 24th , Wednesday, 1PM
Films at SF City Hall: No Human Involved

Room 305, 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Place, San Francisco

For reservations visit:

The 10th Biennial San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Film and Arts Festval,  presents No Human Involved: Sex Workers and the Prison Industrial Complex, a film screening and discussion featuring PJ Starr's "No Human Involved," about the death of Marcia Powell while she was in the custody of the Arizona prison system for a prostitution arrest. Additional videos include a Vancouver Police Department Guidelines short advocating respect for and protection of sex workers, an animation about harrassment and abuse of sex workers in Toronto and J's story, a portrait of a sex worker and activist fighting for her rights in New Jersey.

"Sex workers are among many whom are vulnerable and targeted by the  discriminatory correctional industrial complex in the USA and beyond. This context sets the stage for 'accidents waiting to happen,' such as the death of Marcia Powell while in custody in Arizona.  Sex workers have long been targets of the such abuse, along with immigrants, people of color, queers, transgender people and others. As San Francisco steps up as a Sanctuary City, artists from our communities step up to remind us all about the history and consequences of systematic oppressions within the criminal justice system. Speakers include Kristina Dolgin (Red Light Legal), Lania Watkins (California Prostitutes Education Project) and others TBA. The screening of the movie, No Human Involved, is sponsored by the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women.

No Human Involved by PJ Starr  
Screening of this film is sponsored by the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women
In 2009 after she was sentenced to more than two years of imprisonment for solicitation of prostitution, Marcia Powell was locked in a metal cage in the sun at an Arizona prison. Hours later she collapsed in the over 107 degree heat and by day's end she was dead. Even though an internal investigation carried out by the Arizona Department of Corrections revealed that prison guards had denied her water and ridiculed her when she pleaded for help, no one was held accountable. 01:12:00/2016/US

Community Voices: J's Voice 
 by Derek J. Demeri with assistance of PJ Starr
Human rights activist & New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance (NJRUA) co-founder Derek Demeri works with former sex worker and community activist 'J' to highlight human rights violations she suffered in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Candid, down to earth, and powerfully crafted, the narrative of J's Voice highlights her  ‘matter of fact’ courage at the basis of her struggle.  4:40/2014/US

Vancouver Police Department Sex Work Enforcement Guidelines
The guidelines presented in this video are reflective of the Vancouver Police Department and recommended by the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry with the goal of protecting sexworkers... or, as the Chief constable of the Vancouver police Department explains “We hope you will join us in creating a new relationship between sex workers, the community and the police.”      5:09/2013/Vancouver

Prowling by Night by Gwendolyn              
Prowling by Night, about challenges for street-based workers at the onset of the AIDS crisis, was a landmark work in the sex worker rights movement. Made with the participation of 21 sex workers, Prowling also documents harassment in the context of HIV prevention efforts. Made for the National Film Board of Canada, this groundbreaking work is based on candid testimonies of actual sex workers.  12:25/1990/Toronto
Gwendolyn is an artist, director a, performer, filmmaker  and activist . She was known simply as Gwendolyn. Her prolific work on behalf of sex workers in Toronto began in 1977 with the founding of BEAVER (Better End All Vicious Erotic Repression). She was a key player in the early advocacy group Canadian Organization for the Rights of Prostitutes (CORP) and a founding member of Maggie’s (Toronto Prostitutes’ Community Service Project, 1986) and SWAT (Sex Workers’ Alliance of Toronto, 1992. 


May 25th, Thursday 7:30 PM
The Cans: Sex Workers and Burlesque

Center for Sex and Culture 1349 Mission Street
$15 -30 NOTAFLOF

Tipping Point
Director/Writer: Stephanie Young Producer: Jake Ivany
A burlesque show offers an unexpected opportunity for a shy protagonist to connect with a long-time crush, aided by their outgoing boss. 7:10/2016/Canada

Director/Writer: Benjamin RamÆrez PÄrez Writer: Liad Hussein Kantorowicz
Reenactments of cinematic strategies, images and fantasies tied to sex work and stage presence are layered on top of each other in a female drag performance, referencing 1970s cinema, sexwork-activism and pop choreography. 7:50/2017/Germany

Amy Oden
Dotted with palm trees and coral reefs, Guam is United States territory where military men and Japanese tourists abound. A seemingly perfect backdrop for a strip club, the island should sound ideal to any girl coming from Portland, Atlanta, or Anchorage to work as an exotic dancer. But is it Exotic takes us into the lives of the dancers on Guam, giving the viewer a front row seat to this fluid and secretive world. Don”t miss this rare documentary, a “Best of the Fest” selection. 1:03:00/2016/US

20th Century Stripper Sinema (Vintage Strippers)
Scarlot Harlot
Scarlot edited a compilation of burlesque clips from various sources including favorite scenes from Gypsy and grindhouse burlesque from the 40s through the 60s from Something Weird Video. (28:00/1995/US)

Stripper Damage
Gina Gold
A woman tells her therapist she has no stripper damage but can not explain the strange things she sees. As seen on “The Gina Gold Show.” 9:00/2013/Oakland


May 27th, Saturday 2-12pm

Sex Worker Movie Marathon at the Roxie

May 27th, Saturday, Roxie

2 PM The Struggle is REAL
International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers- Shorts
No matter where we live, sex workers share the same struggles with police violence, criminalization by bad laws, and a lack of adequate protection on the streets. Detailed local emphasis informs about and commemorates International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. 5:00/2015/

Ah Boys-Bully Boys   
Project X 
Singapore has one of the best school systems in the world, but a disturbing trend is on the rise there among secondary school boys; verbal and physical assault of transgender people. These hate crimes are so widespread that some have compared abusing both gay and transgender folk to a modern day “right of passage” for teens. This short is a public service announcement that calls on the public to take action.1:13/2015/Singapore

More Harm Than Good
Director/Producer: Jordan Flaherty
Executive Producer: Laura Flanders
Alaskan lawmakers passed a law against sex trafficking, but who does it really affect? This short explores the intersections of sex work, poverty and criminalization in Alaskan legislative state politics.  10:07/2014/US

Our Bodies, Our Business 
George  Stamos
An impressive and instructive historical record of activism on behalf of sex worker rights and commonsense AIDS education and outreach policy at the Fifth International Conference on AIDS that took place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1989. Directed by George Stamos in 2016 using archival footage captured by ACT UP New York's Catherine Gund in 1989, this documentary features pioneering Sex Workers rights activists at the Fifth International Conference on AIDS in Montreal who carved the way for generations to follow, and have remained relevant since. Featuring the words and actions of key figures, including Cheryl Overs, The Scarlot Harlot aka Carol Leigh, Valerie Scott, Tracey TIEF, and the late Danny Cockerline and Andrew Hunter, to whom the documentary is dedicated. Our Bodies Our Business received essential support from Triple-X Workers' Solidarity Association of B.C. 24:08/1990/Canada

Violencia in the Media
Linda Porn
Hilarious and wise satirical mocumentary expressing frustration with the way violence against sex workers is portrayed in the media. 6:13/2015/Spain

Red Umbrella Rights 
Molly Merryman
Red Umbrella Rights explores sex worker rights through interviews and events, with a focus on the founders of the International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers and members of Bay area SWOP.  55:05/2016/US

May 27th, Saturday, Roxie, cont'd

4PM The US PROStitutes Collective and In Defense of Prostitute Women’s Safety Project Presents
Les prostituées de Lyon Parlent  – The Prostitutes of Lyon Speak 
Carole Roussopoulos
On 3 June 1975, 100-150 prostitute women occupied the church of St. Nizier, one of the main churches in the centre of Lyon, France. A banner was hung over the church façade ‘Our children don’t want their mothers in prison.’ The occupation was sparked by the brutal torture and murder of sex workers, and a police crackdown. Instead of going after the murderer/s, the police were handing out ‘“two to 10 fines” a fortnight and threatening women with prison. Within weeks churches had been occupied all over France including in Paris. The church occupations sparked the modern day sex workers rights movement. US Premiere. 45 min/1975/France

Tales of the Grim Sleeper (excerpts)
Nick Broomfield
Clips from Tales of the Grim Sleeper which is a devastating expose of the lack of value police placed on the lives of impoverished Black women, many of whom were sex workers working the street in Los Angeles.  Documents the case of the serial murders of Black women in LA, & law enforcement and officials criminal neglect, also campaigning by the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders for police accountability and justice for the victims and their families. 13:00/2015/UK

May 27th, Saturday, Roxie, cont'd

5:30 PM    Baby U’re So STRONG 
Taken together these two documentary projects reveal a common depth of courage and creativity as sex workers grab the reigns of their lives and become leaders in social changed, informed by their history in overcoming adversity and stigma

Sunflowers of Nicaragua 
Florence Jaugey 
Sixteen female sex workers have been named judicial aides by Nicaragua’s Supreme Court to facilitate the resolution of conflicts that come up in their work. It is the first time in the world that sex workers have had access to this function.  The film accompanies some of these women in their mediation work and in the actions they promote through their association, Girasoles (Sunflowers) of Nicaragua, to gain recognition and regulations for autonomous sex work. 1hr/20/2017/Nicaragua

Mixed Whore/Puta Mestiza
Linda Porn
“Many migrants we choose the sex worker like migration project. The only way left by the European Migration it is illegality, as permits and irregular entries to Europe. This only way we have to enter–call ‘mafia’ to discredit our freedom of movement as cis or trans women to work in the sex industry. Linda Porn is an immigrant and sex worker artist. She works with movies, video art, performance, and theater with concepts such as feminism and decoloniality. In the last years she works with concepts like migrant and sex worker in Spain.” 9:43/2016/Spain

A Nation Under Seige- Moskitia,  
Saycsar Fleurima, & Ercell Valcina Fleurima 
Ercell Fleurima, Appearing Live! 
This short introduction from Rebel Twins Collective portrays struggle of the Miskito people and the efforts of Ercell Valcina Fleurima and her son, filmmaker Saycsar Fleurima (and family) to help her community of indigenous Miskito people in their claim for land that has been taken from them by the government of Nicaragua, Ercell, appearing live with this movie, is a long time member of our community. Author, model and more, she has been as sex worker and activist (on a range of issues) for many years and stands strong in her right to own her body. From these efforts, she has developed into a fierce advocate for her people.  For further information see 12:00/2016/US-Nicaragua

May 27th, Saturday, Roxie, cont'd


8:00 PM Kaleidoscopic Game
There are those who would try to stuff things concerning sex into a dark and secret hole. To consider sex work is to explode this shallow and facile Puritanism. Sexuality cannot be isolated and removed from the everyday. In this show a variety of sources yields an eclectic selection of short works by and about sex workers that span all concerns of life. There’s the charming bravado of youth (Lawless), and an allegorical tale of how the old hunger for young bodies (Flesh for Brigitte); polar differences in approach to legislative handling of sex work and the how each approach affects the work and the workers (Booking with a Sex Worker in a Decrim State and Sounding Aileen); from the angst of anti-porn theory (Danny Wylde to a prescription for salvation through porn in (Porn Yoga: So You Think You Can Wank); from hot, tattooed and fancy-free dancin’ on camera (All My Hoes) to a hard week at work for two people trying to provide the best start possible for a child (Funcle); from street based worker and director Victoria Schneider’s existential musings (Whore on Whore) to an extremely transgressive dance recital by the incomparable erotic performance artist Akynos Shekera (Twerking on Jesus)! Buckle up, Moonbeam! The kaleidoscope is shakin’ and it’s gonna be a wild bouncy ride. -LM

Sex work - it's a real job
Kima O'Donnell & Tamara Desiatov 
In 2016, sex workers approached RhED/Resourcing Health and Education in the sex industry with the concept of creating art to raise awareness in the general community about stigma and discrimination. This pieces were all created by sex workers. 2:45/2017/Victoria

Twerking on Jesus
Akynos Shekera, Laura Murray & PJ Starr
Video of performance artist/burlesque dancer/sex worker rights advocate, The Incredible, Edible, Akynos (MF Akynos) touring Brazil to twerk on everything in sight, but especially the beloved Jesus statue in Rio. Follow her journey through the upcoming film #TwerkingOnJesus on 2:35/2016/US-Brazil

Whore on Whore
Director: Victoria Schneider; Editor: Carol Leigh
The story of Victoria Schneider, a brave activist from San Francisco, who speaks of her work on the street and her life and goals. In the follow-up you see how she had the courage to challenge abusive treatment by the police and Sheriff's department in a landmark case. 6:37/1995/San Francisco

Sounding Aileen 
Holiday Black & Emily Raw
Poet Holiday Black uses found language from the Aileen Wuornos case to create experimental poetry. In this video, Black collaborates with film maker Emily Raw, contrasting the harsh, dense realities lived by Aileen with jittering and transcendental imagery meant to reflect the pressures of sex workers living under criminalization. 1:51/2017/US

Ellen Pearson 
A collaborative short film documenting the everyday experiences of Tilly Lawless, a sex worker in Sydney’s decriminalised sex industry. The film attempts to challenge commonly held attitudes about sex and love, and to expose society’s contradictory taboos surrounding sex work. Made up of photographs taken by Tilly herself, the film invites the viewer into her world as a confidant, rather than as a voyeur. 3:32/2016/UK

A Booking with a Sex Worker in a Decriminalised State
Kitty Korner & Holly
Funny and informative, this video shows the ins and outs of what actually goes on in a booking under decrim.4:54/2015/Australia

Flesh for Brigette 
Philippe SOLANGE
Brigitte, director of a porn production company, is obsessed by getting old. She's ready about doing anything to get her youth back, even summoning a spirit hungry for young porn actors! 8:30/2016/France

Vivi Violette
Is the freedom bought by sex work contradicted by stereotyped stylizations such as ‘slut, seductress, bitch’, of the sexually empowered woman? Bodies explores opinions and judgments of women who use their bodies as a means to an end. In three segments the film explores archetypes of sexual women performed by Vivi Violette, predominantly taken from her experiences in the sex industry and how she is perceived within it. 4:23/2016/Australia

All My Hoes
Eva Wo 
A compilation of video shot during erotic and professional photoshoots with queer femme sex worker friends of artist Eva Woo in West Philadelphia. 2:14/2017/US

Shit They Say to Sex Workers
Uppity Whores
As part of the 'shit people say' meme, sex workers mock the most commonly-heard offensive remarks from everyday folk. 2:56/2012/ Australia

Make My Day 
Eurydice Aroney
Filmed in Sydney's Salon Kitty's dungeons in 1986 this short film is an accurate portrayal of the frustrations (or is it the pleasures?) of being a Bondage and Discipline mistress. 11:34/1988/Australia

Training of Poe
Bella Vendetta
These clips from this immersive trans lesbian BDSM documentary follow Chelsea Poe to the mountains of western Massachusetts for an intense 3 day slave training at the old guard leather household of Mistress Bella Vendetta. 8:07/2017/US

Danny Wylde 
Matthew Kaundar/ Luka Fisher/Christopher Zeischegg
Based on an essay by project collaborator, former porn star ‘Danny Wylde’, this disturbing short frames Zeischegg aka Wylde’s negative experiences and reflections on the porn industry. 3:00/2015/US

Testimonies of Thell
Maia Izzo-Foulquier
A member of french sex worker organization, STRASS. Maia is an award winning fine artist with a degree in political science. She utilises photographic and videographic perspectives to investigate her activity as a sex worker. This video tryptic was originally constructed as an installation 10:00/2016/France

Badass Nigga- The Charlie Looker of Psalm Zero Remix
M. Lamar
Some of us sex workers have a decided weakness for Hegelian philosophy, fine African American literature, spikes, eyeliner and cutie twinks in bondage! Afro-gothic experimental performance artist M. Lamar (immensely stylish and talented sibling of the immensely stylish and talented American icon Laverne Cox) takes his audience on an aural-visual killing spree in this dark, high concept short. 4:11/2014/US

New School of Erotic Touch and presents:
‘So You Think You Can Wank?’ and ‘Before Porn Yoga, Beyond Porn Addiction’ and more
Produced by Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.; edited by Joseph and Carol Leigh
Sexologist Dr. Joseph Kramer, teaches a new approach to embodied sexuality in the form of a yoga practice. Porn Yoga deconstructs our relationship to porn, dispersing cultural shame. “This embodied sexual practice uses porn as a tool to integrate sexual arousal into our bodies, our lives and our world.” 2017/Oakland

House of Air
Brian Fairbairn & Karl Eccleston
Deriving its inspiration from Hal Fischer’s seminal work ╘Gay Semiotics: a photographic study of visual coding among homosexual men’, House of Air parodies instructional videos of the 1970s and at the same time explores a clash between coded and explicit representations of gay sex. 3:57/2017/UK

I Am Learning To Abandon the World 
A. Moon
This silent found-footage film cuts together eventless moments from a trove of vintage 16mm films discovered at a salvage house with new intertitles to create an elusive anti-narrative of absence, self loss, desire, and hidden threats. The film shifts the original films’ focus on the external, the visible, and the spectacular. It explores, instead, the internal psychological experience of the women, whom it reimagines as heroines, the unrepresentable, and the possibility of imagining female subjectivity in a medium whose formal conventions have been defined by heterosexual male desire. ╩9:50/2016/US

These are not my things
Jaz Papadopoulos; featuring Lucrezia Cossima
"These Are Not Our Things" explores the creative and playful ways that one can access eroticism. It especially highlights the potential to find delight and intimacy through the mundane: by re-writing otherwise uninteresting, everyday objects as opportunities for pleasure and surprise, we can re-evaluate our relationship to the erotic, to intimacy, and to sex and sexuality, and we can detach from dominant narratives around ‘what is erotic’ and ‘what is sex.’ ‘These Are Not Our Things’ depicts and encourages curiosity towards accessing desire in unusual locations, which the filmmaker views as one possible avenue towards queering the erotic.1:30/2017/US

Maria Breaux
The ups and downs of your occupation doesn’t make a difference when you’re desperately in love and planning a baby! A young couple used to living dangerously struggles to earn enough to finance the perfect home birth. 7:55/2015/US

May 27th, Saturday, Roxie, cont'd


10:15 PM Errant Vaccum Show

Kairos Dirt & the Errant Vacuum
Director/ Writer/Producer: Madsen Minax
Producer: Paul W. Kruse; Featuring Eve Minax
'Kairos Dirt' follows the strange happenings of a pansexual middle school lunch lady and her multiple lovers, her religious co-worker, a genderqueer student, and a "jack of all trades" astrologer/phone sex operator/psychic medium. Through a series of collective dreams a trans-worldly being invades the characters' dream spaces, revealing an alternate realm of wanton, subconscious desires. Television monitors, radio frequencies, orifices and dreams all become portals to access this mysterious carnal dimension.   1:29:44/2017/San Francisco