Movie Marathon at The Roxie

3117 16th Street 12:30 Pm-11:00 PM
San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival
(Saturday - May 27th, 2023)

01:00 PM
Letters of 1913-1917
Sierra Cirque & Brodin Petrichor
(2:37- 2020)
In 1913, the San Francisco Bulletin published a serialized memoir of sex worker Alice Smith, which warranted thousands of response letters to the editor from many sex workers. In 1917, The Red Light Abatement Act shut down the red light district of San Francisco, which started the first sex worker led protest demonstration in the United States.
Loitering With Intent
Eve Jablonkay
(22:30- 2022)
Loitering with Intent gives us a peek into the life of Dante, a sex worker and go-go dancer in West Hollywood, CA.
Colonial Peeps
ReXandra Ibarra
Filmed in Florida during the 500th anniversary of Juan Ponce de Leon’s arrival on Florida’s east coast. Ibarra brings to life a ‘colonial peep’ via concealment, obscuration, and opacity. A performance of the body’s relation to itself via the significance of colonialism.
Aliens from the Sky
Katina Bitsicas
(12:16 - 2022)
The buying and selling of sex services and all related activities are criminalized in South Africa. The criminalization of sex work frequently places sex workers in conflict with the law, compels them to engage with the criminal justice system and marginalizes sex workers further by placing them in a powerless position in society. Despite ongoing efforts to tackle police corruption in South Africa, it remains rife and adversely affects the country economically, socially and politically, especially for marginalized communities. Aliens from the Sky tells the story of three female identifying sex workers in Cape Town, South Africa and the systems they must navigate in order to survive.
The Last Lapdance
Isri Halpern
(1:15:00 - 2021)
Banned from many theaters in Israel, ’The Last Lapdance’’ documents the social and political fallout when the Israeli police closed the country’s strip clubs in 2020. The film is told almost exclusively from the lapdancers’ point of view.

3:30 PM
Imagine Earth as Your Lover

Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens
(23:00- 2020)
The One Minutes series Imagine The Earth Is Your Lover is curated by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens and creates a document of the ecosex movement. In the series of one-minute videos, 23 artists and filmmakers visualize their mad, passionate and fierce love for the Earth. They shift the metaphor from ‘Earth as Mother’ to ‘Earth as Lover’ in order to create a more mutual and sustainable relationship with the Earth.
Eighty Twenty
(12:00- 2023)
80/20 is a narrative short film about moving through grief in unexpected ways. When Chelsea, a whip smart lady of the night, sneaks away for a relaxing solo weekend in her client Keller’s cabin, she gets quite a surprise when Keller’s wife Marie shows up with a bag of ashes to scatter at the family home. Plot twist: the ashes are Keller’s! While Marie knows that Keller had frequent extramarital affairs, she is unprepared to come face to face with that reality. Chelsea breaks down some of Marie’s stereotypes about what it means to be an escort, and eventually breaks through Marie’s tough exterior so they can begin to heal from their loss. The film is a brief, intimate look at two women who cared deeply about the same man.
Where is the FRIENDS HOME?
Amina Maher
(11:21 - 2022)
In search of the creation of an autonomous body, Amina Maher, the trans woman film director, seeks to confront her unspoken desires with the help of a friend in the process of honest self-exploration, sharing the most private of moments and breaking silences while giving insight into the topic of queer struggles and friendship, shame culture, and patriarchy.
The Blackness
José Joaquín Gutiérrez Pérez
(11:00 - 2022)
An old farmer in the middle of nowhere working as the operator of a truck scale watches a strange porn video, in which a young trans-gender appears. Suddenly a truck arrives. The old farmer weighs it and gets out to meet the driver who disappears, leaving the truck abandoned. The man enters inside the huge container of the truck, walking hundreds of meters into the blackness where the young trans-gender appears. She caresses him, and together they walk into the blackness, disappearing.
Guy Hodgkinson
(10:05 - 2022)
When given an ultimatum do you stop or do you run? At some point, you have to decide. Aura and Chance are leads in a new coming-of-age film by Guy Hodgkinson taken from his experiences of working in the Adult Industry.
Kim Ye & Maegan La Trese Philmore
(38:00 - 2022)
Inspired by the genre of bridal reality television, this piece chronicles Ye’s wedding to her partner through interviews with the artist, and her friends and family. In tracing the roots of Ye’s reluctance to wed, this film activates materials from her personal archives to traverse topics ranging from BDSM and ethical non-monogamy, to immigration and intergenerational trauma.

6:00 PM

Bren Patrick Burke / Jordan Abrams / Michael Fels & Lesley Steele
(7:48 - 2022)
Marc finds himself unwittingly caught up in a maelstrom of gender politics and family conflict while seeking companionship in downtown Ottawa.
Our Odyssey is Red
Neha Chaturvedi / Naomi Fleur Jahan / Ayushi Shriramwar & Tahir Ahmed Qureshi
(37:47 - 2022 )
20 diverse young women choose to stay together in a home run by the NGO Kranti in Mumbai, India. Their pasts bring them together, as they are all daughters of sex workers and share the common goal to heal themselves and to live life on their own terms. These women identify as Krantikaris/revolutionaries, and they’ve allowed us to walk 800 kms with them on the Santiago De Compostela pilgrimage between France and Spain, sharing their perspective on their lives. This film is about women coming together and seeking inner and collective growth
Fuck Film: A Love Story
Neil Ira Needleman
(2:35 - 2021 )
Faux autobiography. Faux nostalgia. Real porn (a cropped clip from an old movie). Also real: the contrast between a seemingly long-lost time of innocent lasciviousness and today's vicious world of public shaming and online revenge. Makes you yearn for simpler days, doesn't it?
Whole Hole
Xandra Ibarra
(4:23 - 2018)
Fond of her own attachment to debasement, Xandra Ibarra juxtaposes 16mm family footage of Chihuahuan landscapes with video of her entangled with a garbage can in a public bathroom.
Everyday Burns
Tyler Murgo & Aidan Jung
(4:39 - 2020)
Every Day Burns is a short documentary exploring one artist's journey towards self expression and community empowerment. In this documentary, Award winning pole dancer, Sada Velasquez, addresses the familial and social stigma she must overcome in order to pursue her passion for dance.
Family Matters
Maximus Skaff
(22:59 - 2022)
'Family Matters' is an inside peek into the lives and relationships between sex workers and their family members. The documentary profiles four families who share of the struggles that got them where they are today and the unconditional love that allowed them to heal together.
We are Aileen's
Leslie Bendjouya & Emi Koyama
(32:43 - 2022)
Aileen's is a peer-led community organizing and hospitality space for women working along the Pac Highway in south King County. WE ARE AILEENS features women of Aileen's discuss their namesake, Aileen Wuronos, and their own experiences of dealing with "bad dates" and supporting each other.

8:30 PM

Juliana Piccillo
(13:48 - 2023)


Stone Dove
Chichi Castillo & May May Peltier
(13:53 - 2022)
Stone Dove is an experimental documentary featuring interviews with SF Bay Area sex workers exploring themes of mutual aid, joy, and spirituality.
Fly In Power
Yin Q / Yoon Grace Ra & Hằng Xen Nhà
(1:30:00 - 2023)
Fly in Power follows Charlotte, a Korean massage worker and core organizer of Red Canary Song (RCS), a social justice collective of Asian diasporic massage workers, sex workers and allies who basebuild through mutual aid. Through her history, we learn how the carceral system is pitted against Asian migrant women and their survival. Other RCS members, including Khokhoi, a young body worker, and Prof Elena Shih share powerful insights that debunk the myths of sex trafficking. Fly in Power is a glimpse into the intimate spaces that not only connect these women and non-binary queers, but is also a testament to the global advocacy of women's rights to work and thrive. To honor the victims of the Atlanta 2021 shooting, we must listen to the stories of the living.