Erica Elena, had been the director of the Sex Worker Film + Arts Festival since the early days. This year she is shifting to focus on her other important work, and also helping the Fest and also produciing Whores Bath. Erica is a San Francisco local. She is a cis femme, Jew / witch and an aspiring healer who dreams of a 24/7 Whore's Bath queer land project close enough to the city to be able to still go to the movies. She is the creator of the Whore's Bath, which has been replicated nationally and internationally.

She has been quietly organizing sex workers since the early 2000s, starting with an Oakland Whore's Brunch, and has been co-producing the Sex Worker Fest since 2003. She is an ex-street kid and is inspired by the intersections of labor, gender, sexuality, moral panic and structural oppression that sex worker rights organizing addresses and looks forward to connecting, learning, and taking part in all the massive culture-building that the festival brings.