Web Calendar Posting Campaign


Dear Friends,

We are very excited to present the Biennial San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Film & Arts Festival. The Festival includes around a week of fun, sexy, political, kinky, naughty, bold and educational events. Browse our website to learn about all the amazing events.

Some of you from far away (and even close by) were looking for a way to volunteer. Here is the easy, fun job of spreading the word on the web through our organized calendar posting campaign. It's all about cutting and pasting our many events into 'webforms' for calendars. It's all ready to go and easy for you with the instructions below. BUT, please know that this often requires a short 'one on one' orientation on the phone (easiest) or in a chat if we are far away.
Thanks so much for this! We are very very grateful and happy that you can consider doing this!

What you need to get oriented:

These are the instructions I am giving you all written out, so review. If you have questions, text or FB message me and we can talk. Most people need a bit of an orientation on the phone, but maybe we did that with you already.

So, first please look at the page with the calendar postings (below) so you get a good idea if what we are doing. Then I will explain the process.

1. Basic document we work from- See link to web posting page for overview:


2. Most Important Resources-Text documents, writings:

Here are the documents you will be drawing from- blurbs, long and short descriptions of events and the festival as a whole are posted for you to draw from at links below:

Main event: http://www.sexworkerfest.com/presskit/index.html#release

Individual Events: http://www.sexworkerfest.com/presskit/index.html#GG

100 word blurbs of all events: http://www.sexworkerfest.com/presskit/index.html#blurbs

Whole Press Kit Page: http://www.sexworkerfest.com/presskit/index.html Just FYI. This link is just the whole page. See, above are all different parts of the same page.

3. Pictures

The pictures are also linked right in the press releases at the links above, for you to to download and post. These below are just extra. The ones you need are in the press releases.

• Pictures of the Whole Festival-logos and other stuff

• More pictures (coming soon)

You have to download the images to your computer by dragging them off our webpage so you will be able to post them around.

4. Create your own account on each calendar-Join the calendars with a new user name and email so that you can share it with us if we need to change anything. Please don't use any personal passwords.


Additional Notes/ Summing it Up

This job is VERY time consuming. Each event must be entered separately. That means around 12 or so entries per calendar. It took me 2 1/2 hours to do all the listings in one calendar, so you need to know that. Just figure out how long you want to work at a time. If you just do one calendar we will be very grateful as others are doing this too. (If you prefer you could just list the main event at various calendars, but make a note if you do that. Others might be doing that too.)

Use this document to make notes: Google doc for your notes

Don't bother listing the 'sex worker only events' Except on queer calendars, perhaps. At your discretion... Each calendar can have about 10 or so listings from us, so it could take a couple of hours + to do each thoroughly...

A. Email swfest@bayswan.org or call/text 415-751-1659 and let us know you are going to do this. Then I can add your address so you have access to the Google Doc below, THE WEB POSTING CHART-GOOGLE DOC is here Click for document .

As I wrote above, this is for you to keep a record of where you post because others will be working on it at the same time, so every couple of hours (or more) update it please.

Click for document

C. Again, follow this link and use the materials posted on it. Check back for changes as I may be updating it. Really this document is all you need as far as resources. It has picture links. I have you more picture links which you might like, but I will post everything there.

Press Release, Blurbs and Photos Main event: http://www.sexworkerfest.com/presskit/index.html#release
You can scroll around this page to find blurbs, individual events and more stuff.

D. Problems you will encounter

One issue that you will encounter...the calendars want a location for the fest, but we have many. Ideally, you can just put San Francisco Bay Area or "multiple locations," for the whole festival. Note many events are in Oakland too. Otherwise when listing the whole fest, just list the Roxie, 3117 16th St. SF, CA 94103 for the whole festival, if you have no choice. The individual events all have addresses, so no problem. Otherwise at least the city is listed on most of the events. The same is true about the dates. Some calendars seem to prefer listing only one date. You need to figure out your work-around for that. You'll see. Remember this is a big project and complications will come up so don't be surprised or get frustrated. There are lots of elements so things don't aways go smoothly.

If you need a contact name put Carol Leigh swfest@bayswan.org 415 857-5425. it's all on the press releases.

** If you would really rather not use Google docs to document what you did,if you aren't used to it or something, just email us at swfest@bayswan.org with:

1. Name of calendar
2. Url of calendar
3. Date posted
4. What you posted (whole fest or which events)
5. Username and password you used. We want that because if something happens, something gets moved or cancelled, we can make corrections.
6. Any notes you have for us, if you do.

Thanks sooooo much! We love you and of course you can have a special pass to get in to the festival!! Plus we will be extra super nice!

Please call or email us at swfest@bayswan.org if you have questions.
415-751-1659 Carol