Power Reset

Drink, snack talk and watch movies with the Sex Worker Festival! The evening is a benefit for Poverty Scholar and Homefulness programs in Honor of Laure McElroy. Laure was our curator for about a decade and passed last year. See this short personal video and a peek at how she shined.
PJ Starr will introduce her DVD Launch for her award winning movie, No Human Involved, about the death of Marcia Powell at the hands of the Arizona Prison system. PJ also has a movie in this program.

May 22nd, Wednesday, Artists Television Access

992 Valencia
7:30-10:15 PM

Power Reset Movies
The videos explore sex workers' struggles and solutions with rights, sex and romance... as ambassadors of taboo.

Night at the Club
Kira Matica
(9:56-2018, USA)
A surreal feminist dance manifesto: United by the joint forces of a slow night and a moralizing do-gooder, four strippers subvert the prevailing narrative about themselves by irreverently imitating it and replacing it with their own embodied story. Kira Matica in person!

Is friendship legal under SESTA?FOSTA ?
Ms Zoe Cat/Salty Brine/Juba Kalamka
(18:00-2019, US)
Three friends, who happen to be sex workers, meet up in Las vegas, for fun shows and homemade porn, discussions of what is and is not legal under SESTA/FOSTA, and how that affects the supportive aspects of friendship.

No Democracy Here
Liad Hussein Kantarowicz
(25:00 – 2018, Israël)
"No Democracy Here" deals with political domination. Liad, a lefty human rights defender dominatrix, re-educates her right-wing-leaning obedient submissive slaves to follow upstanding leftist ethos and morals. Morals such as like freedom of movement, economic justice, direct democracy, and human rights. She accomplishes this through domination practices such as humiliation, doggy-training, coercion, and administration of pain. (It's all consensual!)

Amrun Nesa
Mila Mel, Dhivithra, Lisa Ja'afar
(05:05 - 2018, Singapore)
Amrun Nesa tells a difficult story about sex workers and drug use. Based on the story of a real person, this experimental film collages the different stories, opinions, and perspectives of sex workers on the issue. This video was produced by HRD Drug group, a peer run, community-based project in Singapore.

PJ Starr, The Incredible Edible Akynos, Monica Jones
(15:11- 2019, USA)
We know how to have sex, we know how to take control. H'Or (2018) reclaims the spaces in which sex workers are tokenized and reduced, creating a set of truths by talking back. Originally a message for non-sex workers who created a "sex worker festival" in 2018 that treated activists like "pieces of meat," we were not content to limit ourselves to this unworthy adversary. We dreamed more expansively, turning the tables on retail, putting sex and work back into stag films, exposing wives and #himtoo, declining to show a single red umbrella and wresting back control of symbols or our oppression (in this case, the sewing machine). The Incredible, Edible, (MF) Akynos (conceptual artist) and PJ Starr (film director), with Headmistress Jo and Monica Jones. PJ Starr in person!

Hello, Meet Kyoko for Phone Sex
Remko Geursen, Anniek Schreuders
(46:51-2018, Netherlands)
Kelly (25) is a phone sex girl. When at work, she steps into her alter ego Kyoko: a beautiful, sexy Japanese girl. Clients call her for a quick fix: an orgasm. Many regular clients also call her for intimacy and personal conversations they don't have with their wives. Kelly wants to stop with her phone sex job, but finds it complicated to do this.