The Cans

In this special event for Sex Worker Fest, The Cans will present movies from sex worker artists presenting unique perspectives on contemporary and historical burlesque.

This event is part of Lady Monster's ongoing series, The Cans, which explores the contemporary artform of burlesque while honoring the rich history of burlesque art and culture. The Cans is a unique event to provide context to burlesque. The Cans gives insight into the performers, lessons in history and survival, and sexy entertainment. Hosted by Mistress of ceremonies, Lady Monster. Performers include The Incredible Edible Akynos, Jet Noir, and Madame Max.

More About Lady Monster

Lady Monster has been producing events since 1993 and performing burlesque since 2005. Her resume is a mile long, working with a variety of artists including Annie Sprinkle and Jello Biafra. In 2010 she was voted by her peers as one of the Top 100 Performers in the World in 21st Century Burlesque Magazine. Lady Monster teaches a variety of classes and continues to perform burlesque. Taught by the Living Legend of Burlesque, Satan's Angel, the creator of fire tassel twirling.

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