More About Cinnamon Maxxine

The Sex Worker Festival's opening night presents artist, activist and porn star Cinnamon Maxxine, presenting work that spans genres of burlesque and performance art. Cinnamon Maxxine is a Bay Area original. Born and raised in Oakland, Cinnamon Maxxine is determined to be an advocate for those who are typically left under-represented. From people of color to people of size to people with invisible disabilities and trauma. Cinnamon Maxxine seeks to give those communities a voice.

Heady and sexy, angry and juicy, bold and intimate, Cinnamon, a self-identified "naked brown, fat, curvy, queer, big booty, space perv, fierce solid gold warrior diva" explores expectations and challenges boundaries of politics of gender, size, art and race. "I'm tired of the fact that pale skin, blond hair, and straight bodies (as in size), are seen as the most desirable and therefore worth more and than mine. It's bullshit," says Cinnamon.

Maxxine's performances are always a surprise and always offer a new insights in the intersection of aesthetics– heady and sexy, angry and juicy, bold and intimate, this evening's improvisational work explores expectations and boundaries.

Cinnamon describes herself as a "naked brown, fat, curvy, queer, big booty, space perv, fierce solid gold warrior diva." Her unabashed courage is one of the backbones of our community. Queer porn fans know her as a super hot diva, an outstanding favorite who you can always count for super intense, hot scenes. Political whores look to her for guidance. Her performance is a meld of raw eroticism, burlesque and performance art.

A dedicated artist Maxine scales the terrain of taboo topics and representations: "Even still in the queer porn, queer sex worker, and queer adult work communities where everyone wants to talk about inclusion. fat people and black people are still less included than white people thin people. They're less popular. "

Read more in an interview by Chris Hall "Q&A With Cinnamon Maxxine: A Fat Black Sex Worker Speaks Out"

Join us for this Sex Worker Festival opening night with full bar, Geoffrey's Inner Circle Soul Food Buffet and much more. Come early for Gina Gold's "Sex Worker Confidential" story telling at 8 PM (entry covers both shows)